PNHS Baclaran started to operate limited face-to-face classes last February 14, 2022, after President Rodrigo Duterte agreed on the progressive expansion of in-person classes. Following the health protocols such as wearing masks, checking the person’s temperature, and sanitizing was the most important thing to do when entering the school. Everything was well-distributed and everyone was well-prepared.

Wearing their Type C, Grades 10-12 students came to school with eagerness and enthusiasm. It was a new experience for everyone. Despite the circumstances, the teachers were able to discuss the lessons with the students while the students were able to finish their activities.

One of the most striking aspects of this pandemic is the incredibly tough decisions that it has forced governments and people to make. The reintroduction of face-to-face classes, like the difficulty of preserving public safety and health while avoiding the collapse of the economy and the loss of livelihood of a large number of people, is a difficult dilemma for policymakers.

After two years of online classes, the hard days for teachers and students finally come to an end. The return of face-to-face classes has been announced and excites the students again after the long wait. Of course, not all students were permitted to go to school physically because of parents who are still afraid of the risk that might happen if they let their children go to school. On the other hand, face-to-face classes have a huge advantage; there will be fewer distractions than if you were at home, you will be able to concentrate more effectively on your studies. Teachers and other students can help you develop a better understanding by sharing stories and real-life experiences.

It was a tough battle for everyone, especially the students and teachers. Teaching and learning at school makes it more fun than studying alone at home. I know we all hope for this face-to-face class to continue and wish for better days to come.