How does Financial Subsidy help and benefit those selected ParaƱaque students?
Financial Subsidy is a type of support where students are given five hundred pesos every month to the residence of ParaƱaque provided that they are qualified and meet the requirements given by the Local School Board of the City of Paranaque. Instead of having 80% attendance, in the new normal set up, the benefactors are expected to submit their outputs.

As a student, this program is very important and necessary for my needs at school. I could also now help my parents pay our bills and have an extra budget for the other things that we need in our house. Just like the other students, this program encourages me to go to school and study hard. This financial support is a great help to most students who are afraid to study because of the expenses that they might face once they start going to school. But there’s nothing to be afraid of now owing to the fact that we can study hard without worrying about the financial problems in school.

The government is trying its best to help their young citizens by providing us with the help that some of us need. And we must know how to take care of it and be responsible for the money that they are giving. Let us be wise not only in our academics but also in our daily lives.