90 units of Android phones and 500 units of Android tablets were given to the selected Grade 7 and 11 students last May 27, 2021 at the School Covered Court.

To help every student to continue studying and adapt to the new normal of education, these selected students had the chance to use these gadgets for academic undertaking and expected to be returned at the end of the school year.

The distribution started at 8 am based on the schedule provided by the school. Learning Support Aide (LSA) took charge of it and leading them were the Head Teachers of all learning areas.

Parents/guardians of the recipient brought valid ID and school ID, Katibayan ng Pagtanggap ng Learning Gadgets and eco-bag, and came to school following the safety health protocols.

Student-recipients should take extra care of the gadgets and use it according to their designated purpose not on social media and online games.